SuiteCRM 7.10 RC Released!

SuiteCRM 7.10 RC, the latest cutting edge and unstable release is now available to download

This Release should Not be used in a Production Environment

Help us find the bugs and give your feedback to make this the best release so far!

Click here to download and find out more (upgrade packs also available).

Changes since Beta 3:

  • Confirmed Opt-In
  • Email fixes
  • Web to person opt-in
  • Email opt-in indication

Thanks to all who have contributed!


When you say email fixed what do you mean? i just tried the demo and no matter what you select in the user profile as an editor. When composing the email the default email editor is still present.

Hi, I have version 7.10 but when I try to send an email I get these messages

Fri Sep 14 16:46:34 2018 [511][97e2a884-dc95-ad10-1a5a-5b3c8e212c0b][WARN] Failed to load relationship emails_email_templates while saving Emails
Fri Sep 14 16:46:34 2018 [511][97e2a884-dc95-ad10-1a5a-5b3c8e212c0b][ERROR] Unable to find relationship emails_email_templates

Email sent by system work…

Any suggestion on fix?

I’m assuming you are version 7.10.8? I would suggest you use the search functionality on the forums as people have came across this issue before with lots of different methods of resolving it.