SuiteCRM 7.10 Beta 3 Released!

Hi Everyone!

The latest cutting edge pre-production release, SuiteCRM 7.10 Beta 3, is now available to download

This Release should [size=5]Not[/size] be used in a Production Environment

Help us find the bugs and give your feedback to make this the best release so far!

Click here to download and find out more (upgrade packs also available).

Changes since Beta 2:

  • 4 SuiteP colour schemes (Day, Dawn, Dusk, Night)
  • Email Performance Improvements
  • Bug Fixing
  • API swagger documentation added

Thanks to all who have contributed!



I try to install the update and I get the next error:

ZIP Error(0): Status(9): Arhive(upload://

Please let me know if you have any solution for this issue. Thanks in advance.

I downloaded and try to install the update but I get the next error:

ZIP Error(0): Status(9): Arhive(upload://

Please let me know if you guys have any solution for this issue.

Thanks in advance


Since I upgraded to Beta 2 and now want to go to Beta 3 the Upgrade Wizard page is BLANK

There is no way for me to upgrade.

I don’t have this problem on any other page.

Any idea?


To upgrade from beta2 to beta3 I had to edit the manifest.php file.

Change from:

	    /* suitecrm version exact */
		'7.10 beta', '7.10.0-beta-3'
	/* /suitecrm version exact */ 

Change to:

/* suitecrm version exact /
‘7.10 beta-2’, ‘7.10.0-beta-3’
/suitecrm version exact */

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Thanks for posting that update for others SuiteConvert

We have updated the 7.10.x to 7.10.0 beta 3 packages if anyone else is having issues upgrading from a previous 7.10.x version due to ‘version incompatibility’.

— That sounds like the upgrade package doesn’t have the manifest in the root. Make sure when you download the zipped file from the website that you do not extract or re zip it, it should work correctly without having to do these things.

— Thats a strange one, does your error logs say anything?

After making the changes that you mentioned, I have updated without problems.

Thanks for all.

Juan J.

[size=4]When installing, an unnecessary file is required in ‘include/entryPoint.php’ causing the install to fail
File = include/entryPoint.php line 70 = require_once $BASE_DIR.’/vendor/autoload.php’;
Removing line leaves installation working so please remove this line or fix as necessary.[/size]

[size=4]When creating a new module in module builder, adding a basic module to it, then trying to edit layouts, nothing happens when clicking on various items in the layouts to edit them and layouts can not be edited.
In the screen shot attached below clicking any of the icons results in nothing, no action at all.


When importing accounts from most current stable version to 7.10 beta. the first email address on the first line is copied to all other accounts overwriting their email address.

I have tried importing the account file from current to current with no issues, its only when importing to 7.10 does the issue happen.

Can you think of anything that would cause the email duplication? I am running php 7.0.26.

Also Gmail Suite works correctly in 7.10 with no issues, so good job fixing it!! Looking forward to 7.10 being a working release.

@wildback can you reproduce this problem on the live demo?

If I import using from 7.9.8 to a new instance of 7.9.8 there are no issues, it’s only when importing from 7.9.8 to 7.10 beta 3.

If I do the import on I did get the following errors, which I don’t get on my instance of 7.9.8

NOTICE: [8] Undefined offset: 7 on line 459 in file /app/include/SugarEmailAddress/SugarEmailAddress.php
NOTICE: [8] Undefined offset: 6 on line 459 in file /app/include/SugarEmailAddress/SugarEmailAddress.php
NOTICE: [8] Undefined offset: 5 on line 459 in file /app/include/SugarEmailAddress/SugarEmailAddress.php
NOTICE: [8] Undefined offset: 4 on line 459 in file /app/include/SugarEmailAddress/SugarEmailAddress.php
NOTICE: [8] Undefined offset: 3 on line 459 in file /app/include/SugarEmailAddress/SugarEmailAddress.php
NOTICE: [8] Undefined offset: 2 on line 459 in file /app/include/SugarEmailAddress/SugarEmailAddress.php

It’s worth noting that if I import your sample csv file I get the following error on the demo:

NOTICE: [8] Trying to get property of non-object on line 248 in file /app/modules/Accounts/Account.php
NOTICE: [8] Trying to get property of non-object on line 248 in file /app/modules/Accounts/Account.php
NOTICE: [8] Trying to get property of non-object on line 248 in file /app/modules/Accounts/Account.php

Hopes that helps.

@wildback what is this “sample csv” you mention?

And when you try on the demo, you say you get new log messages, but you didn’t say if you got the email problem or not… did you?

The sample csv is the example csv file you can download from account imports wizard window.

I wasn’t able to check if the email duplication issues existed on the demo because the above error wouldn’t allow me to continue with the import. So the import was incomplete.

Normally PHP notices are safe to ignore, and they don’t block app functionality. So we might be looking at the wrong issue here.

If the import doesn’t even finish, there should be a different error somewhere in suitecrm.log or php_errors.log

i tried an Import of the sample in 7.10 Beta 3 and I didn’t get errors.

But I did get the email address bug, and I will open an issue for it on Github.

EDIT: here it is:

I’m starting a new CRM, it will take me two month to have a production configuration ready. Is a good idea start the development with this Beta, or better to start with 7.9.9, and upgrade latter?

Thansk for you advise

My first hunch is to tell you to go with the 7.10 Beta, which should be ready for production by the time you’re reaching your target date, but to make a wise decision you probably need to take into account more factors which you didn’t share with us… things like how big is your business, how much of SuiteCRM you’ll be using (which features/modules), how mission critical it will be in the early stages, etc.

Basically it’s a decision about risk, and how willing you are to have a system being updated during your initial development, in return for extra features, bugfixes and security fixes.

If you’re in Europe GDPR compliance is probably another reason to choose 7.10.


Many thanks for tour comments, I’m located un Chile and we use Spanish.
The system Will be use un a production enviroment with about 100 Usera, for opprtunities and support cases.

Thanks again.

The Opportunities and Cases modules are pretty stable across these versions, so there shouldn’t be surprises there.

The main thing you need to evaluate carefully is the Email module, if you plan to use Email from within the CRM (as opposed to using a client like Outlook or Thunderbird) - 7.8 uses an older, different module (more stable), 7.9 and 7.10 uses a new module.

But of course, I’m not going to make the decision for you, I’m just trying to give you some information and get you to think. Only you can know your needs and risks. :slight_smile: