Suitecrm 7.10.6 Broken EMail view


After upgrading from 7.10.5 to 7.10.6 my email body is broken, stuck on last email.
Subject display well but body stuck on a previous email.

I setup again email account and problem persist.

Anyone can help me ?



Same here. 7.10.6 breaks the body. I too setup the mail again, but the problem remains. It happens to all our users, so it’s not something in my account.

Yes there seems to be a regression.

You can track the issue here (it’s closed, but the team is looking at it)

Hi guys, I’ve created a temporary fix here: if you need this resolved but i’ll be looking at creating a proper more long-term fix with some acceptance testing so we don’t come across this again.



Thanks! This works. Don’t forget to do a quick repair to clear the cache.

Confirmed! Works for me too.

Works !!! many thanks !!! :slight_smile: