SuiteCRM 7.10.32 LTS - how long will it be supported?

I downloaded SuiteCRM 7.10.32 LTS 2021-sep-07 because i didn’t want to deal with any problems.

at the time when i tried to do a test install on my system i got a variety of errors so i left it and worked on other stuff

now i’m back at it again and finally got the test install to work by:

  1. don’ use localhost - use virtualhost name
  2. used utf8_general_ci
  3. in modules/Users/vardefs.php changed-
    first_name 255 to 60
    last_name 255 to 60
    from suitecrm.log getting:
    Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes

Hi @eugeneruthven,

7.10 has entered its extended security support phases meaning new releases will continue into the beginning quarter of 2022 at which point 7.10 will enter EOL.

7.12 has taken over as the primary supported version and will continue to receive security and importantly feature improvements and implementations into 2023.

You can find out more on our RoadMap found here

This graph can also be found there;