SuiteCRM 7.10.2 Maintenance Patch Now Available

About the alignments, remember something seems to be wrong with your system, maybe it’s just a caching issue and will eventually go away.

About the colors, there was a lot of talk here on the forums about the lack of contrast in the new sub Themes. It’s a problem for people with some sight difficulties. Eventually this crystalized in this Issue on GitHub:

So that’s the reason why it changed. It’s not perfect and needs to evolve with feedback from the users (including yours). Anyway you can tweak your theme colors for your preference, we can never make everyone happy.

You can never make everyone happy, you’re definitely right here.

For some reason the notification and profile icons look jumpy on my dell laptop and my macbook. Even the demo site icons look the same on both computers.

About changing colors, I wish I just had a short instruction on which css file exactly and which lines contain the colors i want to change, so I can just keep changing them to whatever I want in case they change over time. Or if I can just keep re-uploading a css file from 7.10 to all future versions, since you said I shouldn’t upload the whole theme folder?

No, sorry, replacing the entire CSS file is also not a good idea. The CSS has to match ids and labels that are in other files, so if you start disrupting that match you will get all sorts of problems.

The easy way is to edit variables.scss and then compile SASS again. It’s a small file with everything you need together in one place.

An alternative, to avoid the compilation step, is to go directly in style.css and and change the same things there - but now they are scattered all over the file, repeated, etc.

Good Grief! :blush:
Clearing Chrome’s cache solved the problem - Sorry PGR, but thanks for your help!

and here is a screenshot just to prove I can now attach!

I had exactly the same problems in Firefox and Chrome. In the end, deleting both the browsers cache and the cache directory seemed to fix it - although I had to also reset permissions in the server once it had recreated the cache directory. Generally I find that I have to do that a lot - switching to a different colour theme also requires me to reset permissions, otherwise the page shows completely unstyled.
Is this normal that permissions should need resetting so often?

No, your permissions should be stable, if they are set correctly, and don’t pay attention if you read people saying otherwise in 10000 other places on the Internet :slight_smile:

Maybe your cron jobs are running as root, and breaking permissions? Check Admin / SChedulers for instructions at the bottom of the screen.

The cron job is set up exactly as detailed at the base of the page. In this instance though, it happens the moment the setting is activated to switch to a different colour scheme that hasn’t been used before - which suggests that it is creating the new cache files with incorrect permissions?

Ok, then please check your default_permissions array in config.php, make it match your user/group and desired permissions.

Example settings:

'default_permissions' =>
  array (
    'dir_mode' => 02755,
    'file_mode' => 0644,
    'user' => 'apache',
    'group' => 'apache',


Can I create a new thread where I will list all the things that I would absolutely love if you guys keep from the original 7.10? Just so it’s all in one place. There are a few things to change to how it was in 7.10 to give it a real clean and professional look. How can I tag you in my new post?

Just go ahead and post, I read all the posts around here :slight_smile: