SuiteCRM 7.1.1 and SugarChimp 7.1.0 produces a segfault

I have a brand new SugarCRM CE server upgraded to SuiteCRM 7.1.1 with SugarChimp 7.1.0 installed. When the SugarChimp job runs, it produces this php error, which I’ve directed to the syslog.

Oct 10 10:33:02 rtsugarrebuild kernel: [ 2636.547792] php[4732]: segfault at 381a720 ip 0000000000678db5 sp 00007fff3cb24db0 error 4 in php5[400000+6f5000]

SugarChimp support says they’ve never encountered this error before. I’m looking at ways to troubleshoot it, including using “gdb” to debug. Anyone have experience debugging segfaults?


A couple of things to check is the available memory and the PHP version. There are some known issues in certain versions of PHP that can cause a segfault. Memory could be an issue as the core of SuiteCRM does have some recursion possibilities.

Here’s what I could find for debugging segfaults: