SuiteCRM 7.0.1 Add dashlet not working

Found the button but it does not seem to work… ??nothing happens just reloads the page.

Hi Alex,

Which browser are you running? Do you have javascript enabled?



Using Chrome 30.0.1599.101
Ajax enabled…

Hi Alex,

Have you tried a quick repair and rebuild? Did you receive any errors when installing Suite? Does this work for you on our SuiteCRM Demo?



demo works fine
repair and rebuilt no result
log file just these two

Sat Nov 9 14:13:18 2013 [26178][-none-][FATAL] Query Failed: select,, securitygroups_default.module, securitygroups_default.securitygroup_id from securitygroups_default inner join securitygroups on securitygroups_default.securitygroup_id = where securitygroups_default.deleted = 0 and securitygroups.deleted = 0: MySQL error 1146: Table ‘sugar_db.securitygroups_default’ doesn’t exist

Sat Nov 9 14:53:13 2013 [27799][-none-][FATAL] Configuration variable date.timezone is not set, guessed timezone America/Denver. Please set date.timezone=“America/Denver” in php.ini!

Hang on!

Works on firefox…
cleared browser cache… now works on chrome too

Thanks all the same!

Great support anyway


I had the same issue and I found a problem.
The “Add dashlet” in Home menu just appear in English language.

I have changed to Portuguese and the “Add dashlet” has gone. Just back when I logout and login in English language again.

This can be a workaround if somebody have the same issue with another language.

BR, Antonio

this is a known issue and will be fixed in the next release