Hi guys,
Here are my questions, not sure the answer is there

  1. What are new things to be expected in Suite8?
  2. Are they going to add any JS framework like backbone.js , angular.js. , Vue.js etc?
  3. What is expected date to see a Beta Release?


  1. This is still under discussion. It will be our chance to do some deeper changes, some architectural improvements, while allowing for some loss of backwards compatibility (some - this will be carefully pondered, of course).

  2. Probably Angular

  3. A year from now? Maybe.

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I’ve just registered to push this topic. I’m using Suite 7 and would like to know what is about to come :slight_smile:
Is there already any preview / alpha-version available?

Thanks for your answers,

Some image post on LinkedIN before , you may search and post.


I hope that one more year from that post, you would consider other options than Angular, hopefully a leaner UI framework, with emphasis on web components specially designed for the SuiteCRM, where people can contribute more UI components on a platform like

One reason is that in small companies we have full-stack developers supporting SuiteCRM implementations, and Angular learning curve for complex scenarios and debugging is an overhead.


Sorry, but I think one year past, we’re more deeply into Angular, not further away. Development is well under way. Everyone has their favorite framework, Angular is not a strange or original option, it’s one of the obvious possibilities; I’m sure many will like it, though not all…

Now it’s most awaited things that the world needs. UI needs to completely change.

2020 is almost here. any update here? a big question from many customers…

in what repository or branch is this being developed. I checked the suitecrm github repositories but cannot really find where to look for this.

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Hey everyone!

We’ll make a quick announcement about Suite 8 before the end of the year on it’s status.

We haven’t pushed it out to the public just yet as we want to establish the skeleton first so that when we do the community has an understanding & documentation of how the framework will work. The aim is so that contributors can offer feedback/contributions immediately to build upon it together as it is open source and always will be. :tada:

Thanks for your patience!

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Please update on this most awaited thread to get replied for latest Look of SuiteCRM with 8th Version?

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That’s a good point @ashish. We will post in here any references and we aim to utilise these new forum platforms to help collaborate and refine features in the upcoming pre-production, post-production releases.

Marketing is finalising a few things so it will be in the New Year with our status update and how to get involved: currently we are all enjoying some well deserved time off :+1:

So exciting news…

Possible to see few screenshots / Mock-ups?

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Hi there,
still eager to read some news regarding suite8!
Besides that, are there any details or tutorials you would recommend to read regarding, like

  • migration from suite 7.x to 8.x: what can be “converted” automatically, what is about to be “lost”?
  • how much did the core change (i.e. customizations in listviews, logichooks, jobs in the scheduler etc.)
  • is there anything that a Suite 7 admin currently can do to prepare for 8?

Thanks for your answers,

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About the upgrades, I wrote this a while ago, I think you will find it useful:

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Clarity regarding V8 is needed for planning. I find the lack of information and this -very old- tread worrying. The last update to the roadmap was more than a year ago or am I missing something?

I respectfully ask: When will the first versions of v8 be available for testing/programming? When is the LTS expected to be available?

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Apart from v8 release, and i think the community has voted many times about stabilising the existing core which has roadblock level issues in Main modules such as Emails. A lot of posts and requests from members regarding making a solid foundation have been circling. i hope to see this step been taken care before jumping on to newer frameworks, rather inheriting the bugs.


That would be great if we can see few screenshots of Editview , ListViews , DetailViews.

Were are currently on 7.8.31 and waiting to upgrade until v8 is available. When can we expect updated timelines for v8? We are trying to plan for 2020 and beyond


Sorry folks, we understand the need to plan ahead and we’re paying attention to your requests here. It’s just that we are in the middle of some reorganisation of teams and processes to handle the work on both SuiteCRM v.7 and the upcoming SuiteCRM v.8.

We know the Community is asking for some update to the Roadmap and release plan, we’ll put it out as soon as this information can be determined with a mininum of reliability. Thanks for your patience and understanding.