Suite8 Frontend Customisations


We have a client that has Suite8 with customisations being developed currently SA have decided that Suite8 is the way to go for them.

I have read through the (limied) documentation on Suite 8 and set up a dev environment but have a few questions that I hope someone here can answer:

I have been through the tutorials on the doc site and there semes to be bits missing or not clear. (running under Apache/MariaDB)

  1. When I build my changes the watch bit (ie continuous watching to deploy chanegs immediately) seems to not do anything whereas a straight build makes the changes although they only appear live after a period of time that I cant determin (I tried flushing caches/private browser/etc all to no avail) - so whats going on here?
  2. If I want to override a specific file or feature how? (so for example to add/remove to the Quick Create there is an array in action-bar.component.ts I can either eidt that directly (no dont want to), override the file somehow or inject code to modify the array as its pulled in so how do i do either of those two
  3. The big bit thats missing from the tutorials, how do i take my successfully built modules that I build on a dev environment and then “install” them into a production env?


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