Suite8 : Clear filter bug?

I would expect the 'Clear Filter’ button in a listview to return an unfiltered list using the default sort order that has been set in a custom view.list.php?

However this isn’t the case , clicking the button returns a list in some other order - and i cant see where this order set?

I can re-order the list by selecting a 'quick filter’ as a workaround, but this makes the ‘Clear Function’ redundant - and only causes confusion.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Checked in SuiteCRM-8.4 and “Clear Filter” Button already returns an unfiltered list using default sort order.
What is your SuiteCRM 8 Version?

Thanks Urvi,

I’m using SuiteCRM-8.5.

Its strange behaviour: If sort the list by selecting ‘filter’ and choosing sort by ‘name’ the list displays correctly, and persists on reloading the window and switching to other pages etc.

If i apply a quick filter, that works too., and persists between pages.

However if i try to remove the quick filter by clicking cancel, the sort order is completely lost.

It looks like many people have had issues with the default sort order too. I dont recall when the issue started but think it was before upgrading to suite8