Suite upgrade version some custom are not working

Hello Everyone,

I upgraded my SuiteCRM v7.10.16 to v7.13.0, some of the customization and custom module is not working on the current version after I upgraded my old version.

Please check below error:

Custom Module
This what will happen if I access one of my custom modules, the other custom modules is working fine.

Quick Create in Subpanel
When you click the create button, the button will hide only be the fields/form won`t appear/show up.

This is what happened before when you click create:

It`s my first time updating my SuiteCRM version because the old version it has a bug were when you deleted the data it will update the delete value from 0 to 1 but it will also automatically create a new blank data.


First check the compatibility matrices.

SuiteCRM 7.10.16 support PHP 7.2 maximum, but SuiteCRM 7.13.0 support PHP 7.4 minimum.

@p.konetskiy , I am using php 7.4, I am using this vagrant setup, “sugarcrm/php74es79.” Now, I updated SuiteCRM from 7.10.16 to 7.10.36, but I’m getting a permission access error, which was initially undefined languages, but I was able to fix it.

But I still have an existing error, which is that I can`t access the logo:


Try to check permissions.

@p.konetskiy , It was fixed already thank you.