Suite P

Suite P theme is nice looking but waste too much space and doesn0t work properly on Chrome: the first option of any dropdown menu is not shown.

Best Regards,

Hi Carl,

Regarding some of the options not showing, has this been reported on GitHub? :slight_smile:

Hello Cameron and thanks for your quick reply
as you can see in the right part of the screenshot it is not a problem of the content of the dropdown but just a matter of how chrome shows it

I don’t know if this kind of issues should be reported to github (I don’t even know exactly how to do it)


Hello Carl,

We have tried to fix SuiteP theme to have more usable space over the screen on smaller devices.

You may go through here Enhanced SuiteP theme


under SuiteR I could make tabs and panels just fine (e.g. Accounts module) Overview tab-> add custom panel (in studio); and it was only shown under that tab.

IN SuiteP that is not the case. This same panel is shown under every tab.
Anyone have idea why is that and how to fix it?