Suite P: Does it remember whether subpanels are open or closed?

I’m still running an older SuiteCRM version with Suite R. Any user in any module can move subpanels where he/she wants and open and close subpanels to his/her liking. SuiteCRM remembers these settings per user and module and loads future records the way the user last set that module up.

How is this currently supposed to work in Suite P? In my new install of v7.10, SuiteCRM only remembers the subpanel order but subpanels are always closed when loading a new record in the same module.
I see the Admin setting “collapsed subpanels”. If I deselect this, all subpanels are always open upon loading any record. Both options are a step backward from Suite R imho.

Could somebody from the SuiteCRM team please indicate how subpanels are supposed to currently behave? Is the old Suite R behavior (remembering user’s setting) supposed to work already? Is it planned for the future? Is it not planned?

(This post is perhaps somewhat related but more specific in its scope than my question:

They’re supposed to remember your option of closed/open. I think that was always the intended behavior, only there were a few bugs afflicting this.

Have you tried it on the live demo? It’s probably still in 7.9.x, but that is usually the best way to check out this kind of “is it broken just for me ?” doubts.

Live demo is updated to 7.10.

It doesn’t work there either. So this should be logged as a bug?

Yep, I’d say so.

Try to collect more info before reporting: Javascript console errors, (this code involves setting cookies) or any other ERROR or FATAL messages in your suitecrm.log or php_errors.log