Suite P (7.7.8) - Home page not responsive

The two-column Home page doesn’t collapse to a single column as Suite R theme does. Is anyone else seeing this because haven’t seen it reported yet it’s so obvious. This is 7.7.8 upgraded.

Have I missed something?


can you replicate this on demo page?

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It looks like it works on the demo BUT I set the theme to Suite 7 and this shows the dashlets in only one column already. Naturally, that will shrink nicely.

My instance shows two columns in Suite 7 theme at full screen. Suite R theme does reduce to one column but Suite P doesn’t.

Do you have the same dashlets as the demo page?

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No. I have Calls, 3 x Contacts, Tasks & Calls on the left plus Contacts and Activity Stream on the right.

I have extended Contacts using Studio and the different Contacts use different criteria.

try to replicate your setup in the demo page and see if is happening too

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Calls, Task, Calls on left and Calls, Activity Stream on right.