Suite CRM

I have just downloaded the SUITECRM ZIP file but cannot get the software to install

Any help would be greatly appreciated

what exactly is the problem?

There is a run through of the installation process hereif it helps, its for 7.1, but the process is the same for the most recent version.

Basically you need to unzip it into your web directory and make sure permissions are correct (as described in link above) then go to http:////install.php and follow the on screen instructions.

Any questions or errors then let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help

Running on a single pc need help otherwise not going to bother

is it a Windows or Linux pc? Do you have PHP and a web server installed on it?

Windows 10 standalone pc

Do you have IIS installed? If not first you will need to follow the instructions here:

You will also need to install Php and a database:

SuiteCRM is a web based solution so it’s designed to be hosted on a web server, hence the need for the above to be installed.

A couple of alternative options would be to do download Bitnami’s installer which should install everything for you or we provide a hosted solution

do not use Ils on Windows 10 and do you not life hard when you dont know how to do it.

Charging the Bitnami WampStack down and it installs everything automatically.

Download here