Suite CRM Ticket System

Is there a ticket system in Suite CRM? Is there a system for customers to contact?

Yes, there is:

if you need a portal as well:

(but tbh I have never used to joomla-integration, so I can’t help besides pasting the documentation links)

E: or do you want to create tickets about SuiteCRM in general? Then you should look at Issues · salesagility/SuiteCRM · GitHub

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Hi, I’m looking for a ticket portal system with a Joomla frontend and SuitCRM as a backend, but the suggestions mentioned here don’t work :frowning: Can anyone help me???



Why don’t they work?

The portal does work, I’ve set it up many times. It’s kind of finicky though. It has to be Joomla 3.x version. It does not work on Joomla 4.

You can download it here:

Also you need to apply this patch:

(If it’s not already in the core, it’s been a while since I built one).

Also, you really need to know Joomla a bit and how to customize it. Out of the box it’s not super user friendly. I’ve added custom fields, changed the layout views, it’s also a good idea to add re-direct to the list view on login, and a few other customizations I can’t remember of the top of my head to make it useable. However, once setup and customized a bit, it is quite functional.

@chris001 ah that sucks. I still have mine running on ver 3. Guess I have to help figure out hiw to get it working on version 5.

I’m pretty sure no-one is going to invest in that Joomla Portal…

Something new for v8 is what we should be aiming for. I would favor an approach of letting customers log in to the CRM itself, with minimal access to just a few screens. I don’t see why we should set up an entire new server on a different system and then rebuild CRM screens there.

Here’s a the step by step on how to get joomla itself from 3.10 to 4. The joomla 4 to 5 is trivial, all extensions should work, rarely a 3rd party ext for 4 may not work on 5.

Then for the portal code, there’s a few removed/moved classes and methods that need to be replaced with the new ones, etc.

There are some very good reasons for a separate web application for the portal.

  • Many organizations (banks, government, financial, medical) have regulations and cannot expose their CRM to the internet for public login.
  • Large customer base needs its own server with adequate resources to enable customers acceptable speed to access their own account views, payments, etc.

To make portal be more part of the CRM application, yet safely apart, the Admin page could add a one click install script that natively or with a docker container gets the joomla application and portal extension installed and configured on the system, isolated in its own user account or container.

This would keep the main CRM application, private customer info, and business info, out of reach from software security exploit attacks originating from internet users logged in on the portal.

Ok I’m going to setup a demo Joomla 5 and see if I can add any value to the project by working through the issues. I had tried in the past to use it on Joomla 4 but it didn’t work and I just didn’t have time to debug. Now I guess I have to!

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Fantastic! By the way, I have plenty of Joomla experience so feel free to post any Joomla code questions or issues in Dev Help section.

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Oh my! First time under the hood in Joomla. I was expecting it to be a lot like WordPress and how WP plugins are handled. It’s so much more complex! I spent an hour debugging just to get to portal settings screen. At least I got that far. Had to fix a bunch of deprecations.

In my understanding there are three “main” contenders in the CMS space (well, there’s a winner and some runner ups).

  • #1 is WordPress, dominates the market, has the biggest user base and developers, its a no brainer I don’t think anyone can argue about that
  • #2 is Drupal, which is more complex but an immensely robust system once you get the hang of it
  • #3 is Joomla, which honestly sucks and lost most of its user base in the last 10 years.

Now, why SuiteCRM sticks with the worst of the available options … that should be the real question.

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In Joomla’s defense, the improvements in version 4 and now 5 are really great. Equal to WordPress in search engine friendliness. The choice of many world class companies e.g. Volkswagen, IKEA, so many others. Far less of an intense hacker target as well. By all means, if you or anyone wishes to make a version of the Portal / Ticket System that’s Wordpress compatible, you’re encouraged to, this is the spirit of free open source.

@chris001 LOL after trying to work through the Joomla issues, I was seriously considering doing a WordPress plugin. I’m thinking it would be much easier to implement (from my perspective anyway) and I’m thinking a lot of the actual connection stuff with SuiteCRM could be borrowed from the Joomla App. I’m really wondering if a WP plugin would be less time consuming than the Joomla one. Although Joomla has the log in/portal stuff pretty much baked in, this would have to be developed separately in WP.

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