Suite CRM THemes

Hi all, starting to get my instance to a good place and i have the latested version of suite crm, from this discussion it looks like you guys are tweaking your own themes, are there any currently that are free or commercially available i can try out.

I would like to see suite crm with a different look.

Thanks in advance,


There are a few built-in themes in SuiteCRM

You can swap between them if you navigate to the “Layout Options” panel in your User profile:

There also seems to be some themes on the Suite Store, if you'd like to give any of those a try:

There is also the option for you to create your own theme. Check here for some instructions:



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anyway to get the classic (legacy) sugarcrm theme?

Starting from v 7.9, the only theme possible is SuiteP, with its four variants (sub-themes).

You can customize it to bring it a bit closer to the old one, but that’s it. And it’s not altogether an easy job.

Hi John,
Can you explain me why when i change the theme in the layout option the changes are applied only in some pages and not in all?


Have you tried to clear your browser’s cache?

BTW. What version of SuiteCRM are you using?

I have cleared the browser cache and now it’s ok.