Suite CRM sell to my client

Hi All,

Some one advise me on the below questions.
I want to modify some module, add new features and sell to my client ?
Should I change Suite CRM logo to our company logo, change the name Suite CRM to another CRM ?

I understand Suite CRM is open source free to download but not sure can sell to multiple clients.

Yes SuiteCRM is open source and you have the ability to re-distribute but you need to read the copyright &license agreement.
The top “summary” of the license state what you can do, but there it may include conditions & clauses. You can see what they are in the header of all files which adhere to both SugarCRM & SuiteCRM copyright.

Thanks Samus-aran,

But I saw some one posted in forum, the modified version must provide to download facility for public, means I want to publish at github rite

I’m not able to give you legal advice as I’m not a lawyer so I highly recommend you talk to someone in that industry of your options. But if you wish to re-distribute a OS project as your own then yes you must make it downloadable to the public that include your customisations and adhere to the original OS license/copyright agreements.

As I said it depends on what you want to do and you need to seek legal advice on that plan. Of course we love you want to use SuiteCRM but why the need to rebrand it? Its like… Why fork Wordpress and rebrand it and sell to a client as your own CMS? SuiteCRM has its own large community and supportive pool of developers, why add a layer of obscurity to the project?