Suite CRM Roles Create For Users


How To create different role for users and user can access same module role wise.

For example; If i have 3 Role (i) Test 1 (ii) Test 2 (iii) Test 3

Test 1 Role have 10 users.

Test 2 Role have 15 users.

Test 3 Role have 25 users.

Once one of the user login his role is Test 1 then he can only see test 1 role users list only not all 3 role users and also he can see only his test 1 role wise project listing not all 3 role or all users project listing.

So this problem how can i manage in suite crm? Any one can help me ?

You have to use a combination of Roles and Security Groups to achieve what you want. The best place to start is in the official documentation:

Now check these samples too:



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How can i manage module menu filter using role and security group wise ?

For example, I have different menus for three different roles and security groups.

Test 1 Role & Group menu list : menu 1, menu 2, menu 3
Test 2 Role & Group menu list : menu 1, menu 2, menu 3, menu 4, menu 5

So how can i manage this in suite crm ?

The role will also define the menu items.
If you don’t want to display some menu items for a particular role, just set Access to Disabled in the role configuration page.



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How To create Menu -> Submenu->Submenu in suite crm ?

For Example like,
Menu 1
Submenu 1
Submenu (i)
Submenu (ii)
Submenu (iii)

If i Hover On Submenu 1 then i can see this above submenu (i), submenu (ii), submenu (iii).

So this type of functionality is available in suite crm ?