Suite CRM on NAS (Unraid) using Docker

Plan to use Suite CRM docker. My Unraid NAS supports Docker. I already have a MariaDB docker app installed, being used by Nextcloud. Can I use the same MariaDB? Do I create a new database? How do I point Suite CRM to use the MariaDB docker?

Any tutorial around? My docker is only being used with GUI interface.

If I understand correctly, your database is on a different host (or container) than SuiteCRM app, and you’re asking how to connect the two.

During installation you are asked to enter the URL of your database, as well as the credentials.

At a later point in time, you can still edit config.php to change these settings (the entry is called ‘dbconfig’)

As long as there is network connectivity between the two, it should work.

Hi. Am only using Docker, so there’s no installation done. It’s just download, put in some mapping details, then turn on. So far, nowhere in the mapping of the docker container tells me where to put url of my database.

SuiteCRM won’t run without installation. You reallly need to run it after downloading content (or prepare an installed content in your own private repo, and then download).

Have a look a this article it should do what you need: