Suite CRM on NAS (Unraid) using Docker

Hi. I’m using NAS called Unraid. I have Docker enabled. I know Suite CRM has a Docker Image, and have successfully downloaded it. Do I need MariaDB docker container? I already have MariaDB container currently on the NAS, used by NextCloud. Can I use the same? What do I do next? Do I create another database for use with Suite CRM? Am lost what steps to do next. I’m accessing the Docker containers via GUI. I can run it. I hope others knowledgeable about this can help.

I’m not familiar with docker, but if the MySql-Instance is reachable, you can reuse it. Both Nextcloud and SuiteCRM are creating a separate DB when they are installed.


I suspect so. Though I don’t know how to create another database in MariaDB, even more so, a docker app :smiley: . It’s the step by step that I need guidance.

I already linked a stackoverflow article how to link the mysql-container to your new container.

Suite will create the database itself (assuming that you provide proper user/password-settings).

But, just in case, some useful mysql-commands:

//show all databases
show databases;

//creates db somename
create database somename;

//deletes a db
drop database somename;

//selects a db
use somename;

My SuiteCRM Docker setup page don’t ask me anything about my MariaDB container. Where do I tell it to use a MariaDB container that is already on the NAS? Is it at the US of SuiteCRM?

When starting the container via ui, I see the following error in logs:

e[0me[1mWelcome to the Bitnami suitecrm containere[0m
e[0mSubscribe to project updates by watching e[1m[0m
e[0mSubmit issues and feature requests at e[1m[0m
e[0me[38;5;1mERRORe[0m ==> The SUITECRM_DATABASE_PASSWORD environment variable is empty or not set. Set the environment variable ALLOW_EMPTY_PASSWORD=yes to allow the container to be started with blank passwords. This is recommended only for development.

its written here:


user and passsword values are to be inserted during the installation. As pgr already wrote in the second thread, you can add them later in the config as well.

Since I’m turning on SuiteCRM container via GUI, do you have any idea how to enter the details to the docker template?