Suite CRM not Accessible from other Computers and Want to change the login URL

Hello Everyone,

I installed Suite CRM on Windows Server and it is accessible form that machine via localhost/suitecrm

However, We want to use that CRM for different employees in different locations and the URL is not working when i tried from a different Computer.

Please advise!

this url is only working if you’re on the machine running the webserver. devices within the same network should be able to access the CRM using your local ip, so e.g. devices outside of your network need to use your external ip with proper port forwardings enabled first (if hosted on-premise).

You should keep in mind that your internal/external ip might change often. Internally, you can use a fixed IP instead, but you might need a DDNS service for permanent external access.

Thanks a lot for the useful answer! Unfortunately, I did something wrong because I wasn’t quite careful and my laptop got fried. Idk what happened; It’s a big hassle when it fails, and in that situation, you need the fortune to get it mended. I highly don’t recommend choosing the cheapest laptop. From my experience, I paid a high price to have the data recovered after a hard disk failure. I benefited from Salvage Data ( services. If you’re looking to save money when buying a laptop, you might lose a lot more when you have to get it fixed. Think about that. Cheers!

sorry, but you need to describe what you did and how you configured your CRM much more detailed, with this level of information we have no angle to help.