Suite CRM Installation on Windows Server 2016


We are trying to install use Suite CRM on Windows Computer which Run Server 2016 version.

However we are new to this and doesn’t know about hosting. I came across some videos on internet and saw that they used XAMPP to install it. But I was not able to find a correct version of XAMPP which is compatible with Suite CRM version. I would like to know if there is any other way to install suite crm on Windows using any other.

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

Hi Surya,

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Basically there are two ways to install SuiteCRM on a Windows server. First is to do is trough IIS. There you need to first enable and configure PHP. Also decide the DB to use. MSSQL or MySQL. for that you will need to check the compatibility from here:

Now the option is to install a different web server (XAMPP in your case) and configure it to work along with IIS. Again you can check the compatibility matrix to see what version is required by SuiteCRM.

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Hi Surya,
Please watch this video and make sure you will get your answer. Any further queries? Please don’t hesitate and feel free to ask.
Thank You

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Thanks Everyone for your help and guidance.

I am able to install the Suite CRM on Windows Server.

It is accessible under localhost/suitecrm

However, If i try accessing that web address from a different computer. It is not working and also please advise on how to change the web address of suite CRM

From your LAN, you need to use the server’s IP. In your case it should be http://YOURserverIP/suitecrm

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Thank You!

Do you mean at the time of installation where we give the IP Address for the CRM.

I gave it as localhost/suitecrm

In that place, It should be my server IP address right?

Please advise!

Just to clarify,

I installed the suite CRM on a windows server 2016 which is actually a VM and have a dedicated IP Address.

So i installed XAMPP on the machine and installed suite CRM. So when i give the IP Address, It should be same of the IP Address assigned to the Windows server.

Please let me know if you any answer for the above two questions. That would be helpful

Localhost is fine during installation. Is just to indicate where resources for installation are located.

You are correct, to access SuiteCRM from a different computer you need to use the IP of your server. Let say your server has IP, then you need to enter on your browser from other computers in order to access the service.

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Thank you for the fast response!

I did try that and it is giving me the no response page no matter what.

When i use the IP ADDRESS on the server where the crm is installed. It is working fine.

But outside that server on any other device on the network, The link is not working, Do you have any solutions for that.

You need to configure the inbound rules of windows firewall to allow access to the service.

Thank you for your help!

It worked like a magic.

Now it is accessible via this link from all the computers on the network.

However, I have some more questions

Can i replace that IP address with a name? If so how can i do that.

Thank you for your help!

I am going to try the above solution you provided and let you know

I have one more question. Can we make our CRM link public so that it can be accessed by anywhere.

Please advise!