Suite CRM - Have to Constantly Erase Cache Manually - or javascpritvoid(0) will no let users select from subpanles

Versión 7.11.4
Sugar Versión 6.5.25 (Compilación 344)

I have to constantly and manually delete CACHE folder, to resolver USERS no able to SELECT from subpanels.

Example: assigning a user

From time to time, in a daily basis, the user CANT select from Subpanels and a JavascriptVoid(0) message shows on bottom of broswer. If I delete cache, everything works as normal

I know its maybe a permissions, issues, I did Ad in config.php

default_permissions’ =>
array (
‘dir_mode’ => 1533, // equivalent to octal to 2775
‘file_mode’ => 493, // equivalent to octal to 755
‘user’ => ‘’, // you must replace with the actual value
‘group’ => ‘consttw3’, // you must replace with the actual value

But its not working
Any ideas??

Instead of just resetting permissions, have a look at them first, when the subpanels don’t work. Are the ownerships and permissions on cache correct? If they are, then you know the problem is something else.

There have been recent fixes to selections in subpanels. I would definitely try upgrading to the latest version.

Or the upcoming one: ETA for 7.10.19 & 7.11.7 is 30th July.


Im on 7.11.4 whats its the next update?

I checked permissions on the newly created /cache and the are
except themes which is 0750

The strange thing is that they work ok for a while then it stops working


Where do you host? shared or dedicated?

Shared Hosting Thanks

That should be simple in this case , just raise a case to host support for these things.

  1. Default Folder permission 755
  2. Defaule File permission 644

Hope that helps!

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Thank you

Already did with host support, but the problem continues
I just had to erase CACHE Folder, as soon as i erase it, subpanels and Jscrpts work again.

After erase the cache folder has all perms
and themes has 0750

Did you try my suggestions?

I’m interested in the permissions and ownerships before deleting, not after. When your system is broken, are the settings correct?

You could have CRON jobs running as a different user, breaking your ownerships. You could have wrong values in default_permissions inside config.php, etc.

Also the upgrade to latest.

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