Suite CRM freezes on install

Uploaded all files to windows webserver. Ran the install, filled in the database credentials, and got to the suite crm perform setup page.

In the box it says creating suite crm configuration file and underneath that it says Creating SuiteCRM application tables, audit tables and relationship metadata, But here it freezes and nothing happens. I am not getting any error messages. It just stands on this page with nothing else happening.

I’ve tried looking for assistance on this but could not find anything.

Please can someone assist.

Try these steps:

Navigate to the php.ini file and increase the default value of max_execution_time to 6000 seconds.
Navigate to the php.ini file on your web server and configure the parameters listed below:
Set max_input_time to a large number

And try again the installation

Best regards

You may want to increase the memory_limit value while you are there. 256mb at least