Suite CRM API v8 Unable to Create Lead


I’m trying to create a lead using the API, but I have not been able to send over a JSON format that the server will accept.

When I create a POST request to api/v8/modules/Leads, no matter what format I send the JSON we get a 409 returned for request body contents being incorrect or null components which should be a string, but not enough detail to determine what is missing. The JSON is properly formatted, and this error occurs even when I send back the response I get from GET (with modified IDs/last names to avoid duplicates). I’ve also tried sending back only the “Attributes” section and that doesn’t work either.

My question is what format is the API expecting me to send to it to create a lead? Can someone provide an example of a JSON file that the system would accept and use to create a new lead?

If this is all you will need to do with the API, I suggest skipping the API and just using a Web-to-person form (see the docs) or simulating that form with a HTTP post.

If you really want to use the API, or if you need to do more things, then somebody else will have to answer you, I am not familiar with the API, sorry…