Suite crm and mautic

I am looking at using mautic and suitecrm.

If my reading was wel understood, there is a suitecrm integration option iin Mautic. When you look at it, it is Sugar crm and community version 7.x.

Is it compatible with the latest version of v7.x?
Is it compatible with latest v8.x?



I use it every day. I can confirm it works well with 7.x. I haven’t tried it on 8 yet, but I would strongly suspect it doesn’t work as I know the API url for 8 is slightly different. The plugin can’t work for both 7 and 8 without changing the API URL is what I’d predict.

Make sure you use the SugarCRM 6.x version for the Mautic plugin NOT the 7.x version.

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Mautic sounds interesting. Any helpful videos on it with Suite ?

I haven’t had a chance to make any Youtube videos about Mautic and SuiteCRM. One day!

Feel free to reach out if you’re interested in a demo.

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Hi @pstevens
You are leading the way in Mautic on SuiteCRM - great work.

In June 2023 you wrote above:

I use it every day. I can confirm it works well with 7.x. I haven’t tried it on 8 yet, but I would strongly suspect it doesn’t work

back in 2022 you wrote about limitations -on the Mautic forum: do those limitations still apply ?

I’ve done extensive testing with SuiteCRM - Mautic Integration. Here’s what works and what doesn’t.

Add a new lead to Mautic - > SuiteCRM No problem
Add a new lead to SuiteCRM → Mautic No Problem
Modify a lead in SuiteCRM → Mautic No Problem
***Modify a lead in Mautic → SuiteCRM NOT WORKING (even if the direction of sync is set correctly)

If you try to schedule a “push” to integration via campaign to try and update the SuiteCRM side, any “push” activity fails.

It’s so close to being perfect. If only Mautic changes would update in SuiteCRM it would be awesome.

@DJuser actually I learned something new from Ruth Cheesley. (She’s one of the key people on the Mautic Project).

Mautic DOES push to SuiteCRM. HOWEVER, there is a glitch. It’s a timing issue. Lets say the SuiteCRM updates, it then pushes to Mautic. If the Mautic side then updates within the window of then next update from SuiteCRM it won’t apply the Mautic update because it will be overwritten by the next SuiteCRM update. So in my testing when I would make a change in SuiteCRM it updates Mautic. Then I would test the other way, and on the next sync, it would still sync SuiteCRM ->Mautic and I interpreted this as it doesn’t work. It does as long as the timing doesn’t over lap. This is actually a bug raised on Github for Mautic, it has a proposed solution posted. I promised Ruth I’d test it. Just haven’t got there yet. I’ve gone as far as setting up a Mautic and SuiteCRM test installations so I could test sync’s back and forth.

Other than that one small issue it works great.

I love SuiteCRM, but email marketing I find to be over complex and doesn’t really have a lot of the features now common in email marketing. That’s why I use Mautic. They work excellent together and with both you have a World Class CRM AND a World Class marketing platform, both open source. They are really an awesome combination.

Mautic brings a super easy drag and drop email builder based on Grape JS. You can also build landing pages and website popups with it… a fully functioning form builder as well. PLUS, you get combined web tracking and email tracking that enable you to score leads based on engagement.

If that wasn’t enough, with Mautic you can build complex drip campaigns based on activity, interest, segment, etc. Oh and you can track leads by IP geographically, the features are just incredible. When you combine this with SuiteCRM workflow and start to schedule follow up calls for sales reps based on lead engagement activity you have a really powerful sales and marketing tool.

You can build a system where sales activity is driven by Marketing Intelligence gathered through Mautic and automated with SuiteCRM.


Thx @pstevens
Ruth is a bit of a star I hear. And it is interesting that Mautic has in the last 3 months now become a fully-independent open Source project: no longer under Acquia’s wings (which may have been limiting).

(Their challenges as a small open-source project are not dis-similar to SuiteCRMs.)

Thanks for that update -that is very positive on that one gap.

We plan to use Mautic with our existing SuiteCM too. The reasons you gave are well written and explain WHY it is a good combination.

Regards Landing pages in Mautic: My team have been learning Mautic this month; they said that the Landing page editor is very limited ? Compared to other web editors like you get in web platforms like Wix: so we will put Landing pages on Wix.

It seems that most Mautic companies already have a web-site: so put their landing pages there. Ie do not need the Mautic landing page feature?

Mautic has very good Email design features: as you mentioned.

Hey @DJuser I guess everyone has their preferences, but the GrapeJS builder is fully functional. I like it because I have more control over HTML and CSS than something like WIX. It does take some getting use to. I spent a couple of days with it before I got the hang of it. It’s very similar to like an Elementor if you use WP.

The reason why this is a great feature is really dependent on the size of the company. In a smaller company you can have a website, use WIX, do whatever you like. In larger organizations that I deal with, doing a simple Facebook campaign with and Ad and landing page takes a team of people and a bunch of team meetings. Marketing develops the content, then IT has to make arrangements for the landing page, then Marketing has to hire a designer/developer, then Purchasing has to get involved to issue the contract and AP has to get involved to pay the designer… you see where this is going. With Mautic, the Marketing team can do all of this in one application and role out a simple FB campaign the next day if they had to. This is where the Mautic GrapeJS builder really shines. Plus, all the web tracking, etc is already built into Mautic to measure visits and conversions. No external configurations are necessary.

Yes, that’s the benefit of it I agree: but for us that’s less vital. But I absolutely see the benefit you get with your larger clients; the all in one box’ approach really does allow for fast turn-round: which is so vital. It’s one of the ‘5 Engineering Principles’ approach, that I’ve read about online, from discussion about space-rocket design with Elon Musk.

Also I see that Mautic V5.0 is coming out now and 5.1 end of Q2: will that be a smooth sailing upgrade with SuiteCRM do you think?

The way its built the integration plugin is like an add on. It hasn’t been touched in years. Its not really affected by core updates.

The only issues Ive ever encountered have been on fhe SuiteCRM side. PHP 8 breaks the API but I fixed in in another thread here.

That thread was probably this one: rest-api-v2-issue-with-suitecrm7-13-and-php8?

When a Contact changes their email address - how does Mautic handle that?

We are B2B not B2C -so our contacts often move to a new job at a new company: with new email address. In Suite, it works fine, none of their past history of meetings and calls documents is lost.

But I understand that Mautic uses email address as a prime key: so what happens when a Contact changes email address - does Mautic treat them as a brand new Contact, with no past History? If it does, we’ll have to think how to handle that.

I raised the question on the Mautic forums

Hey @DJuser it depends on which is the “master”. You set the sync up such that on a field by field basis you choose which is the “master” either SuiteCRM or Mautic. I you set SuiteCRM to be the master for email, then change the email on the Mautic side, nothing will happen on the SuiteCRM side and in fact it will get over written the next time the record updates.

If you make Mautic the master, then it will over write suiteCRM with the same implications.

Once a record is “synced” it no longer depends on the email address. It use the SuiteCRM record ID to sync the records. All the “key” field does is ensure you don’t have duplicates.

A trick I use is make the suitecrm ID the key field and remove the key field designation from email address and let Suitecrm drive which records are unique or not.

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