Suite Crm 6.4.5


I am not able to edit a quote. if i change something on quote form then try to save it takes old value only.

from where i can download 6.4.5 version of suite crm to check whether any file got corrupted or not.

Hi there,

What is your Server/PHP/MySQL setup? Which version of SuiteCRM are you running? Did you upgrade from SugarCRM or is this a fresh installation?

You should try a Quick Repair & Rebuild, set the correct permissions for your server.



Hello Will,

Server: Linux VPS
PHP: 5.4.29
MySQL version 5.5.37-cll
Apache version 2.2.27

I tried quick repair and rebuild but not working.

If i try to edit one line item and try to select product then it will open pop up but does not return anythin. Its a problem with one field only. Other custome fields are editable but i am getting product description in product note field which is not editable.

Using SUITE CRM 6.4.5