Suite Crm 2fa Blank Page Issue

I’m encountering a problem with Suite CRM’s login functionality specifically when 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) is enabled for users. I’ve noticed this issue manifesting in two different scenarios:

Scenario 1:

When I enable 2FA for a user while logged in as an admin, the user is unable to log in, and an error message is displayed. Below is a screenshot illustrating this issue.

Scenario-1 Screenshot

Scenario 2:

In this scenario, after entering the username and password on the login page, the system successfully redirects me to the 2FA interface page where I am prompted to enter the code received via email. However, the issue arises when I try to cancel or reload the page at this stage. Upon attempting to cancel or reload the page while on the 2FA interface, the page goes blank, and I am unable to proceed with the login process. Screenshots illustrating this behavior are provided below.

Scenario-2 Screenshot;

Thank you for your clarification, and apologies for the oversight.