Suite CRM 2-factor authentication


I am using Suite CRM Version 7.10.9 right now.

I would like to set up 2-factor authentication (either google authenticator or other way is fine too).

Could anyone help me ?


There is a little documentation about that, though not much, and the images don’t seem to be showing correctly :frowning:

The problem is that I do not have the 2-factor authentication box.

I attached 2 different picture. Please check them out.

First picture is what I got from SuiteCRM website. ( )

Second picture is the screen capture of my SuiteCRM.



I can’t access your pictures, maybe you put them in instead.

This is where the checkbox is:


How about this ? Can you see it now ?

I do not have anything in the red box.

I just noticed your version - 7.10.9. That doesn’t have two-factor auth yet.

Please upgrade to the latest, 7.10.11.

I see !

Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile: