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New to Suite CRM and before going through the whole installation process i wanted to know if it has the capabilities to do what I need it to. The first ones I assume are standard, it is just the production of quotes based from my excel spreadsheet i am concerned about.

For our CRM requirements I am only after a very basic few elements for us to get on with.

What I want is customer contact management, a record and log of all emails and calls made from my sales guys to our customers. I don’t need this to be automatic, they can fill in those details as they go.

I then would like our quotation/costing sheet (Excell doc) to be able to be incorporated into the CRM so we can generate quotes and store them onto the system along with any other relevant documents, such as building plans, PDFs etc.

Lastly, I would like the capability to set reminders for my staff to chase quotes and other task reminders.

Obviously there is then the customers and their details, points of contact, addresses, phone numbers etc. But I assume all this is standard with a CRM?

If this, mainly the quotation/cost sheet incorporation is feasible, then I am good to go.

Thanks in advance.



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You can use import data from CSV file to CRM. You can create the file using Excel witout problems.

All of function present in system by default.

SuiteCRM have parts of modules for manage data quotation/costing. You can export quotation/costing for client into PDF file. Also you can import/export this data using CSV format.

Reminder can be send or into popup form or by email.


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Hi, Many thanks for reply. I now need to find an IT guy capable of setting up the system for me. Looking at the instructions it seems way above my IT knowledge.

Please let me know if any help required!

Please do not hesitate to reach me if you need any assistance!

Ashish Dwivedi ( CTO at Outright Store).
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you can explore most of the items on demo site too before even setting up your own server/instance.

check out
user will
password will

you can explore all the options and the items you have listed are already available in the SuiteCRM Core product.