Suite 8 permissions

I am trying implict frontend for outlook. When trying to create an account from outlook , i get an error “unknown error in soap call: service died unexpectedly” when i go to their log it says “12/13/2022 13:14:32.425 (12172) :- exception during contact creation in contactitem_write: system.exception: unknown error in soap call: service died unexpectedly at implicitsync_add_in.formregionwrapper.q6yjc00n5n(boolean& )” After contacting the implicit team, they said it is a permissions error in suitecrm. I have my suitecrm hosted on siteground. Is their anything about the permissions in suitecrm 8 different than "sudo chmod -R 755 .
sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php? The new files are under legacy now.

The recommended permissions for SuiteCRM 8 are different:

Note that the user name used for the ownerships is critical, it must match the one your web server is using to run. You can check that under Admin / Schedulers (at the bottom, in the crontab instructions).

I’m experiencing the same issue and the permissions didn’t fix my problem.
@ [badbach12], did you manage to fix the problem?

yes I did, it was a suitecrm fix in the service directory. I have the files if you send me your email address i will send them to you.

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I just sent you the email.
Merry Christmas to you too! :smiling_face:

Hi @badbach12 . Did you get a chance to send me the email?

yes i did it is coming from chris

Would you mind resending it ? I don’t see it in spam, received or trash.

will do in 5 minutes

that address bounced back to me do you have another address?

Email received! You are my hero! I uploaded the files and it WORKS!

For the record: "I think we found the issue. It’s caused by a bug in SuiteCRM 7.12 which should not have been propagated to version 8 (at least not according to their source code in GitHub), but apparently it did. Attached in a zip file with some PHP files. Please copy them to your CRM instance folders that match their folders in the zip file and let me know if the issue is resolved. " These files should be copied into service folder (v3_1 and 4)

We all have help each other.

we are experiencing the same errror.
Is it possible to get the file as well ?