Suite 8 : Lost CSS

Hello @clemente.raposo , Yes i have an issue too, The CSS seems to loser on my site…

  1. Suitecrm 8.0 new install at Shared Hosting - Set_up so quickly and Log_in == OK
  2. at Suitecrm 8.0 Dashboard, missing CSS … at module function CSS file run well

I think: the PHP libraries are not missing (PHP 7.4), the standard Permission (777) and the standard .htaccss / config…
What do I still need to fix or am I missing? - Please guide , Thanks

Yes, i found that, missing CSS cause wrong Permission set.
As I know when doing new installations Ver 8.0 on Shared Hosting, most files and folders are set Permission to be 777. >> This need to change at /Your-Suitecrm/Public/legacy/… with set Permission Folders as Previous versions 7.11.xx - 7.12.0

  sudo chown -R www-data:www-data
  sudo chmod -R 755
  sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom data modules themes upload
  sudo chmod 775 config_override.php

Hi @hoasenvang7799,

Thanks for trying out SuiteCRM 8.

Sorry for the delay in replying.

Glad you are able to solve it. Did it fix all the issues?

Thank you for this, I am new to suiteCRM and did an install of v8.x and like you the style sheet was there but images and layout were missing. Changing the permissions got suiteCRM working.

I installed Suitecrm 8.0 but got issue on display of Dashboard and admin page. Can help to advise how to fix it?

Hey @hckhoa Your screenshot indicates that the legacy folder (which displays CSS and images from the Suite 7 framework) has incorrect permissions. Try resetting them again perhaps specifically in the legacy folder.

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Hi @samus-aran Thanks for your feedback. I’m using shared host and change permission of folders: custom data modules themes upload config_override.php to 775 but still not able to load CSS. Did i miss anything?

Hi @hckhoa,

Thanks for the feedback. There is another thing to check.

Could you check the RewriteBase on public/legacy/.htaccess file, please?

The following post has some some info on how RewriteBase should look:

Hi @clemente.raposo , I tested some values of RewriteBase but still can not load CSS. Any other I need to check?
RewriteBase /public_html/crm8/public/legacy
RewriteBase /crm8/public/legacy
RewriteBase /public/legacy
RewriteBase /legacy

Hi @hckhoa,

That is strange. Have you installed using the instalable package from Download - SuiteCRM or using the repo code?

how do you able to solve this issue, after fresh install my dashboard look same, display is not good

I have exactly the same issue. No luck to solve it yet.

I have the same issue. Did anyone got this successfully resolved?