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Suite 8.1 Error Message - New Users and Admin not able to login

I have set up a domain and using Softaculous (cPanel) I installed SuiteCRM 8.1

I created the admin account and was able to log in without problems.

After that, I created 3 user accounts and 1 other admin account, but none of them is able to log in. They all get the same message: “Login credentials incorrect, please try again”

What should I do?

Edit: a new errors shows up on login “Unexpected error when calling action”

Do you see any error in Browser Console?

There are already several threads with this same error…

Search results for 'Unexpected error when calling action' - SuiteCRM

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i have the same problem, i am using admin account and i have not created any other account:
once logged in correctly if I log out I can’t log back in and am forced to do a page refresh, then I can log back in again.