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Suggestions on Starting Fresh Development Code

I want to start a Fresh Development Code set with the most recent 7.12 code.
I have made several Modules and customization’s to the code. What is the recommended way in move my Modules and Customization’s to the new code set?



Are you using source control such as git?

@pgr I use subversion but I have only committed my customization folders.

├── custom
│   ├── Extension
│   ├── include
│   ├── modulebuilder
│   ├── modules
│   └── themes
├── include
│   └── utils
└── modules
    ├── tctdk_TimeClock
    ├── tdk_Phone
    ├── tdk_Phone_Carrier
    ├── tdk_Phone_DID_Type
    ├── tdk_Phone_LNP_Status
    └── tdk_Phone_Rate_Center

I think you should be ok just moving those files into the new installation, then QR & R.

Only some peculiarities of your custom code might require extra steps. For example, I had customizations to PDF generation, and that was significantly changed in 7.12, so it had to be redone. But you can simply test your stuff and ensure nothing got broken.

@pgr Looks like most is working right. However, my custom fields in the *_cstm tables are not showing.

A Q R & R is not creating the additional fields.

Any idea?


Have you scrolled down to the bottom of the QR&R screen?

Are the fields present in the database?

There’s a table with metadata called fields_meta_data, sometimes I’ve seen mentions of people having to migrate that also. But if you migrated the whole database, that is probably there already… :thinking:

Now there was the first time I ran the QR & R. I had it generate what ever it was at that time.

I did not migrate the database. I started over with a new database. I just copied the custom folder over.

Is there a way to force migrations? … Never mind. I now remember I had to do this one other time, (i.e. copy data from the fields_meta_data table to another database to fix a problem), just forgot about it.