Suggestions for an automatic backup of SuiteCRM dir?

Hi crew,

I made a couple of bash scripts for dump the SQL database and send by FTP to my NAS. And then I added the scripts to crontab for to do this task automated every week. All right.

I did the same for SuiteCRM directory. I compressed the main directory to a tar.gz file and send it by ftp. Is this right?

But I think that to make the backup of SuiteCRM directory every week maybe is innecessary. Maybe I could do this montly?

What do you recommend about this? Do you think that this could be a right way?

Thanks in advance.

That sounds just about right, though you need to consider a few things:

  • effect of upgrades: it’s important to have a good copy just before each upgrade

  • the same goes for your own “releases”, if you’re pushing improved code/customizations of your own

  • will users be changing stuff in Studio? This makes it a bit harder to keep backups, because it makes it a requirement that your files backups are in sync with your database backups. Studio writes both files and database, and you want to keep that consistent.

There are many Linux solutions to keeping lots of backups without wasting too much disk space. Search for some based on the rsync hard links option.

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Hi pgr!

Luckily I’m the only user with permissions to make changes in Studio. B-)

And by the moment we make few modifications. We have get a suitecrm version with everything we need.

So, copying the main suitecrm directory once until a modification or update happens, would that be enough?

Kind Regards

I guess so, at least I can’t think of something that would need backups (apart from the database), if you guarantee Studio and Module Builder aren’t used.

You can always run a few test recoveries from your backups to see if your process is good. This is always a recommendable best-practice.

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