Suggestion : pdf output filenames could be an option to be set in "pdf template"


I am using suitecrm “as it is” (no customisation) for my small company, but each time I upgrade I need to edit the file : modules/AOS_PDF_Templates/generatePdf.php in order to change the pdf output file names for quotes and invoices.

I suppose I am not the only one, and output file naming is certainly different from one company to the other.

My suggestion is to have the ability to set the pdf output filename when creating the pdf template itself. We would be given a certain number of “allowed” variables to use in this file name template (like $quotenumber or $invoicenumber, $date, $companyname, …) and would have to write the expected pattern in a field called “file name pattern”.

If no name is selected maybe have the current standard pattern

For example in my case I would like to have :
for quotes : $companyname-“quote”-$quotenumber.pdf
for invoices : $companyname-“invoice”-$invoicenumber-$Y$M$d.pdf
this is certainly different for someone else.

This new feature could help smaller companie like mine reduce the upgrading process time.

Thank you.

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