Suggestion: Default theme change background color

Hi guys
Just a suggestion and a feedback from me.

It would be really nice if the annoying green/magenta color was removed from the typing fields and replaced with white color instead.

It makes the text stand out better and is way more easy to read too when it has a white background:

Besides; having it like that with white color makes you see what your recipent also will see; E.g. a email with a white background, so in my mind it makes perfect sense in my opinion.

I know this can be achived with CSS, which I personally have done too. But it needs to be updated everytime a new SuiteCRM update is pushed out which isn’t optimal.

I hope you might consider my feedback and maybe apply this to the default theme. :+1:

Thank you.
Kind regards

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You can use custom directory for css, example:
It will not change after upgrade version of SuiteCRM.

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I know that you can create your own sub/child theme, but that is not my point @BrozTechnologies .
The whole point is that well - what I already mentioned - to have the default theme’s background colors changed so you do not have to do this yourself or tweak it in CSS. :wink:

Kind regards

Sorry didn’t read properly.

Now, for your suggestion, I don’t think this is the best place for it. It’s better if you create an issue in Github and even better if you can contribute with code. That will allow the developers to evaluate your request and incorporate into SuiteCRM if necessary.

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