Suggestion: Add category to share free resources

Hi Sir,

I think it might be a good idea to have a section on the forum to share free tools for the community. Not sure if the guys from the store are going to be happy but I’m sure the community will be benefited.

BTW. Thanks for your work on the new forum. (Still getting used to it)



Hi! I made this public since I think it’s a possible thing for everybody to discuss.

I am not sure if it should be a category or possibly a tag (I will be converting some our categories to tags in the near future).

It could also be a single topic, perhaps a sticky one. Each free resource would be a post in there.

I just think I’d like to avoid making it a commercial space for “freemium” stuff. So I would make it strictly for free products that are complete and don’t have a paid-for version.

Comments, anyone?

I think a sticky topic works. I’m sure the community can help in monitoring new posts to make sure it serves its purpose. Is there any way to review new posts on a specific topic before making them public?