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Suggest the Feature or Improvement

Dear SuiteCRM users and the developers,

Here I would like to take a chance to request a suggestion about the things that you would like to see in the SuiteCRM. Please tell us what are the challenges that you are facing in the SuiteCRM? What type of the plugins can we develop to make SuiteCRM more easy to use?

Let’s make a list and we will be back here with the best solution for free.

Thanks and Kindest Regards,

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  1. Easy, more complete and straightforward email setup
    Currently the setup of emails is a nightmare. There are different places where to set them up and, since it is not clearly documented, one has to adopt a trial and error approach.
    It would be nice to have it all in one place (leaving also the other places where it is now) with clear explanations for each e-mail account and server for what it will be used. In this place there should be a list of all users emails/servers, system emails and servers, campaign emails and servers.

  2. Add the possibility to qualify relationship with additional fields from studio
    Currently it is possible to easily create relationships from studio. However there are many circumstances under which the relationship is not sufficient and one or more additional fields need to be added to the relationship. This is possible only with complex (and undocumented coding).
    One example:
    Custom module with Sic Industry codes (to make it simple):
    field 1: SIC code
    field 2: Description

Relationship: accounts <-> sic_industry_codes

Additional field: qualifier: Producer and/or Distributor and/or Service provider
(in this case this is a multiselect field, but it coud be a link to a contact, a text field, a dropdown, an email address, a date or other)

  1. Add the option to use secondary emails in campaigns
    Currently, when sending an email campaign it is not possible to send them to secondary emails. This is a big limitation.
    It should be possible to specify in the campaign wheter secondary emails, if present, should also be used. In case it should be used, the campaign should contain another field specifying whether to send one email with cc or separate emails.
    Additionally, at the email level (so within contacts, accounts, leads, or other modules with emails), for each single email address there should be a flag specifying whether each specific email address, in case the campaign foresees it, should also be used to send the message.

  2. Multiple fields like emails
    There should be a standard field to add multiple values as in emails. This field should be searchable, importable, exportable and mass-updatable.

  3. Complex field with sub-fields
    Currently, to add additional information to a specific field, we have to create a separate new field. For example, to specify if phone is for business, private or other purposes, we have to create a new field. It would be nice to be able to create fields with sub fields with up to 5 to 10 of these subfields of various stypes (dropdown, multiselect, relation to another module, etc). This field should be searchable, importable, exportable and mass-updatable.

For example a phone number with a qualifier:
a: number
b: qualifier (multiselct: home, business, other)

  1. Multiple complex field with sub-fields
    Have the possibility to have the type of field described above as a multiple one, as for emails

  2. A tool to look for duplicates records
    There should various ways to search for duplicates, using the same string or a similar string.

  3. A more comprehensive admin
    Currently in admin it is not possible to modify many of the available options so one has to edit config.php or config_override.php
    It would be nice to have a section of admi with all the options that are possible.
    For example, everytime I install a new instance I have to add:

$sugar_config['allow_pop_inbound'] = TRUE;

and a few more things!

  1. Logic hook editor
    Currently, to create a logic hook you have to write code by manually creating files and placing them in the right place. It would be nice to have in the developer section of admin a logic hook editor for developers.

  2. Scheduler editor
    As above, the same applies for schedulers.

  3. customm code editor

I have a few more ideas, but these (I believe not too complex things, woould make SuiteCRM really the greates of all CRMs!!! (I belive it is already, but this would really make it unbeatable!!!)


Thank you very much for your suggestions. We will go through one by one and will keep all the members updated here.

Thanks again.

I agree with above

1 email client and number 7 locate duplicate tool would be great!

  1. Another request we are constantly getting from our clients is a way to "quick create a related record" inside edit view of another record

For example

This plugin allows users to have a “Contact” field (like suggestion 4 above) multi fields

Users can create an “account” and inside of the record create many “+Contacts”

If there was a way to add this to any One/Many to Many relationship inside SuiteCRM that would be great

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Thank you very much for your valuable suggestions!

There are some ongoing internal proposals in SalesAgility to refactor Email configuration, the difficulty is having enough resources to tackle that project (plus all the rest :slight_smile: )

@Prafull Satasiya thanks a lot for this initiative, this is really cool B-)

@amariussi that is an impressive list, very good! I like how you focus on the generic changes that would apply to every module. That is where 95% of SuiteCRM’s power currently lies, imho. A powerful, consistent module framework.

@TaufiqueAhmed I added a numeral “12” to your idea, and I encourage other posters to keep up the numbering of suggestions.

Here are a few more ideas, basically requests I’ve seen here in the Forums more than once:

  1. Ability to send PDF and Email Templates in several languages, according to language of users. I can see this being implemented in two different ways:

    a) make a convention for Template naming, so that a suffix of a language code “fr-fr” would mean that template should be picked up if the contact’s language is french.


b) allow language labels inside Templates (LBL_SOMETHING) and choose the value to use according to the contact's language
  1. In Workflows, add a way to do simple “For Each” cycles for related records. This would exclude the need for many logic hooks. For example: when Account changes, change a field in each related Contact, or create a task for each.

I’ll add more when I think of it.

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Allow deletion of fields or relationships not built in studio.

Thank you very much @pgr @AeroDonkey and @TaufiqueAhmed for your suggestions as well as the appreciation.

Let me introduce us, Actually, I’m Director at SpecScale, an IT company focusing on the SuiteCRM development and the Web Development.

I will direct my free resources to address all of the above-listed points one by one. Easy and small one first and then complex tasks. We will try our best to do new things in the SuiteCRM.

I will need your help in how can I integrate it to the SuiteCRM. Will I have to create an installable package or I can do change in the SuiteCRM files and then merge on Github.

All suggestions are welcome.


Most of these things should go directly into the product, through a PR on Github.

Only things that many users probably will never need (like integrations with specific 3rd party software) should be packaged as installable add-ons.

When you decide which you’ll try to do first, we can discuss specifically how it should be integrated, and we can help you with the details of working on our GitHub. Please be advised that we are currently requiring automated Tests to be included with PR’s. But as I said, we’ll help if you don’t know how to do it.