sugarMsgWindow popover after every successful input entry

I search for instructions on the best way to disable this. Its weird that this hasn’t come up before, but its my understanding that having a popover appear on every result is a great way to slow data entry. Is this the normal behavior for SuiteCRM and if so Is there a way to disable it in the administration interface? otherwise I am just going to hide it using CSS. If this is expected behavior that information should really be sent to the browser’s status bar and not require user input. But hey, maybe i’m not reading something correctly.

I don’t think there’s a way to disable it, no.

I thought I’d seen something on Github about this, maybe somebody changing the pop-up to disappear automatically after a certain delay, but I went there and searched, and found nothing. Maybe I was just dreaming that this existed - or maybe I am not searching for the right thing.

Anyway, I don’t think hiding it with CSS will be enough, it would probably be better to find the Javascript calling the YUI popup and remove that to avoid the issue altogether.

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Good point about removing the Javascript. Wow, so nobody sees having to click close on a popover box for every query as a problem?

Yeah I think more people have complained in the past, but no one really went there and fixed it :slight_smile:

It’s also because the people who do more of this work are probably developers and they skip Studio and do things directly in the PHP vardefs etc.

I believe the ideal implementation would be some sort of temporary message. It could be the pop-up, or some banner on the top of the window, saying the changes were saved, and disappearing after say, 3 seconds.