SugarCRM Theme


As I am new to SuiteCRM and from what I have gathered so far, SugarCRM themes can be used for Suite as well. I was wondering how would I be able to use the SUGARCRM classic theme in Suite. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Hi Modena,

The old theme was removed as it’s effectively not part of SuiteCRM. You can download SugarCRM CE and strip out the ‘Sugar5’ theme from the themes folder and drop into the same folder in SuiteCRM and then activate it in SuiteCRM by clicking on your username and then selecting the theme in the ‘Themes’ tab.



I just tried this - both themes appear as ‘Classic’ and I can’t change away from the default Suite theme - any ideas?

Hi there,

You need to click on your user, and then the ‘Themes’ tab. There will be two classic entries(this is because SugarCRM CE requires the theme to be named Classic to work with AJAX). There should be images of what the themes look like, and one should look like the standard SugarCRM CE theme.



Sorted - thank you! Editing the name of the theme to show the difference in


Also helped…

Yes, but the theme will now not work correctly with AJAX, as stated previously.

Ahh - ok - good to know…

Hello, I know this post is super old, but is there a way to install the old sugarcrm theme into suitecrm?

I downloaded the latestest available version of CE (SugarCE-6.5.26) and uploaded the theme but its not working.


Ricardo Malla