SugarCRM modules on SuiteCRM

Are we able to install other SugarCRM modules (developed by 3rd parties) into Suite CRM?

We are looking for a accounting module (Ledgers, PL and Balance Sheets) that can be incorporated to our CRM system. One option we found is to deploy a TurboCash and install the TurboCash plugin on SugarCRM CE. However, can this be done in SuiteCRM?

Alternatively, are there any known accounting modules in SuiteCRM?

Hi Jsneo,

Yeah you can install any 3rd party modules that will work on SugarCRM CE 6.5 + into Suite CRM.

Hi Jsneo,

Iā€™m also looking at using Turbocash with SuiteCRM, but have not been able to find ANY plugins. Which one did you find and where can I get it?