sugarcrm ce to suite crm migration plus grinmark add-on support

Dear Sirs,

Can someone help out, I am trying to review suitecrm for upgrade from sugarcrm ce 5.5.1 and another access database. Is it possible to customize with gui Studio feature, accounts, lead and opportunities and create dynamic links and relations in between modules. Also is grinmark add-on “” fully supported in suitecrm, meaning that it can create docs from suitecrm db data and upload docs into the suitecrm modules.

Thank you very much.

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Has anyone tried and succeeded in migrating SugarCRM 5.5.1 version to SuiteCRM 7.2.1. I cannot go with upgrade process, as sugarcrm is heavily customized, it breaks completely past 5.5.1 version. So I would like to export accounts and related docs, notes and import them to new SuiteCRM.

Also if you have manual .csv file ready to import and documents that need to be attached on a separate folder, how do you automate such import in SuiteCRM?

If someone can help out, that would be great.