SugarBean.php error

Hi there,

I’m a newby to databases & websites and have just attempted to install SuiteCRM 7.10.11 onto my Windows 10 laptop.

At Step 1 of ‘pre-installation’, I’m already getting 2 x php errors (see screenshot attached) which prevents me from progressing further:

Could someone please help me with some advice to fix these two errors?

I’m not IT literate - I’ve seem a forum comment regarding php.ini (but I have no idea what that is, sorry).

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,


Yes, you need to turn off display_errors in your php.ini, and also install a few PHP modules.

You should be looking for answers in the Documentation or Forums of the stack you installed (XAMPP), they can tell you where your php.ini file is.

Hi i’m having the same problem. I’ve turned off the display errors in the ini file but what do you mean by install a few php modules.

For example, this is what I install for PHP 7.2 on Ubuntu:

apt install zip unzip php-mbstring php7.0-mbstring php-gettext php-xml-parser php7.0-zip php7.0-imap php7.0-gd php7.0-curl phpmyadmin 

But module names will vary from system to system. You can look for similar names in your CPanel, if your hosting has one.

Most of them are enabled by default, so you can simply proceed and see which errors you’re getting, and they will possibly mention one of those names: IMAP, for example. Don’t worry about modules unless you have a related FATAL error.