sugar_grp1.js Uncaught TypeError: $ is not a function

I’ve created a contact form to capture web leads on a WordPress site. The generated form is throwing a javascript error. Perhaps a conflict with jquery?

I noticed /cache/include/javascript/ contains…


Show I replace sugar_grp1.js with sugar_grp_jquery.js since my Wordpress theme is using jquery? Not finding any documentation on the issue… so please feel free to direct me to the right spot…

I use this web to person form on a Wordpress website without any problems, and it doesn’t require any change.

I see this issue has appeared before with other software:

But I wonder why you would need to go about changing stuff when, for me, it just worked out-of-the-box… :huh:

Well, probably because I striped out the TODO comment tags…

Don’t know what that’s all about… I copied as is and amazingly the error went away! :slight_smile: