Sugar 6.2.x to SuiteCrM 7.3.1

New to this Community and not an IT guy! Sorry.
Using SugarCRM for a long time (CentOS) and now migrating (obviously!) to SuiteCRM.
Do I have do migrate first from Sugar 6.2.3. to 6.5.20 or can directly apply migration to SuiteCRM 7.3.1.
Sorry if my question is stupid to all of you experimented professionals.
I´ve backuped up mysql sugar database and restored to SuiteCRM and obvously didnot work,but I need to know if I can use SuiteCRM migration tool eventhoug I´m still using Sugar 6.2.3

SuiteCRM is running the SugarCRM CE 6.5.20 core.
So, for the Migration to run safely and correctly, You will have to migrate from 6.5.20.

So to answer your question, the process you may have to follow is:

Upgrade from SugarCRM 6.2.3 to SugarCRM 6.5.20
Migrate from SugarCRM 6.5.20 to SuiteCRM 7.1.8
Upgrade from SuiteCRM 7.1.8 to SuiteCRM 7.3.2

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Successfully migrated Sugar to 6.5.20. Installed SuiteCRM 7.1.6, patched to 7.1.8. Both running smothly. But when trying to execute Update Wizard to migrate from Sugar to SuiteCRM nothing happens. The wizzard starts to upload the zip file, but suddenly SuiteCRM shows the home menu. No messages, no errors.
Reviewed PHPparameters, upload file sizes in SuiteCRM but nothing changed. Any Ideas, pls?

Sorry we hadn´t understood the upgrade had to be runned inside SUGAR. We thought it was inside SuiteCRM. Now it´s working properly… Now upgrading to 7.3.2. Wellcome FreeWorld!!!