subtheme creation

I am following this tutorial.

a) by adding this to the language file, do we delete the original file (at the custom folder) and replace by this?

<?php $mod_strings = array ( 'LBL_SUBTHEME_OPTIONS_NOON' => 'Noon', ); b) for the app_string. custom/Extension/application/Ext/Language/en_us.NoonThemeLabel.php I don't see a folder called Extension/application/Ext/Language/ in the main default site. Is it supposed to be like that? c) cp -R themes/SuiteP/css/Day themes/SuiteP/css/Noon .......c1) Can I just copy and paste the directory? Do I really need to use the terminal? We are just copying the CSS part, right? If just the 5 files, why can't we just copy them in a humble way? It seems to me that all we need is to create the new folder Noon and copy the 5 files. SuiteP -> css -> (create folder ) Noon .......c2) So noon is the new Subtheme (per tutorial). I am assuming that Day/Dawn, etc are the names we need to replace per personal taste. d) Compiling the styles. Is this a necessary step? e) Customizing the styles: tutorial changes the scss files. Any reason for that? I am assuming changing the regular CSS files would produce the same result (maybe not as fast?). Thank you so much for any help!!

In reply to my own post.
So, I just copied the files from one of the official subthemes (css files) and all went well.
The computer didn’t explode, :woohoo: ;
didn’t need to compile anything, :whistle: ;
didn’t require phd B-) .
It worked like a charm.
thank you for the tutorial. This is just for the newbies out there doing the same.

I finally got something right since I started to deal with suitecrm. The struggle has not been small.