Subscription Product Set-up

My business model is, primarily, based of monthly subscriptions. These are akin to memberships to my business and cover a range of products and services grouped into packages.

Has anybody found a successful method of handling a monthly subscription product/service through products? I don’t need payment integration as my customer base is small enough for me to check payments each month. My main reasoning would be to be able to issue an “invoice” each year for my customers showing their total expenditure through this methodology but also to be able to track my “pipeline” for my business.

Perhaps a recurring product that I can set up each year for them?

Hi there,

Have you tried to used AOW(Advanced OpenWorkflow) to automate the production of invoices?



I think what was mentioned is like the following.
I need to be able to have recurring invoices generated and if possible also be sent as pdf to the customer.

To accomplish this I have created invoices details fields to the company to set an invoicing email address and a checkbox to enalbe/disable invoicing by email. Now I need to have a workflow to create an invoice from predefined invoicing lines (in contracts module) to create and send out the invoice.

How to do this?

Thanks in advance

I’m trying to figure out which AOW conditions would trigger the creation of an invoice on the first of each month, could you help me out?