Subscribe to records

Is there a way for users to subscribe to records so that they are notified of changes? This would be beyond just the assigned user but any user.

Good morning,
you could try to add a group user, all given mail addresses should receive notifications. Second option: add this feature with workflows, 3rd option is to use a logic hook.

Group users and workflows seem like they may be too inflexible to handle many users “subscribing” or “following” different records from each other.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

Every record whose module has auditing enabled displays a “Subscribe to this record” action on its detail page.

There could be a logic hook that watches the audit logs for IDs that users have subscribed to.

I’m not sure what that looks like with regard to module relationships.

This would be similar to “following” a record in salesforce:

Or subscribing in Basecamp 3:

I suppose I might be able to set this up myself but I’d be surprised if someone else hasn’t done this yet. I administer a SuiteCRM instance for my medium-sized company and I can see uses for this functionality with accounts, projects, project tasks, opportunities…

A basic mechanism that might be satisfactory for the simplest cases if the “favorite” where you “star” :star: a record and it appears on the left menu.

For more complex cases: doing this based on Security Groups will work well if your concept of “subscribed” is well served by having work lists: typically Datasheets on the homepage listing “your” records.

It’s easy to expand these to go beyond he “assigned” mechanism, you just let the Dashlet show everything and then restrict with Security groups.

If you really need email notifications, or desktop notifications, you could add them with logic hooks - as the Security groups are assigned, the system detects it and send them out.

Security Groups are infinitely powerful, but often inconvenient to use in practical terms. The winning formula is typically to use them and complement them with some automatism to make them more practical.